David Gerstein Free-Standing Hamsa with "Shalom Al Israel" in Hebrew


David Gerstein Free-Standing Hamsa with "Shalom Al Israel" in Hebrew

The Hamsa is one of the oldest amulet known to protect you from the evil eye and bring happiness, wealth, and health into your life. The fingers are decorated with well-known beloved Jewish symbols. The palm displays the Hebrew words "Shalom Al Yisrael," meaning peace on Israel.

Size: 8.6" H x 6-1/4" W

About David Gerstein

David Gerstein is widely considered to be one of the most creative and innovative artists in the world today.

He has exhibited extensively at international venues in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome, Singapore, New York, and Tel Aviv; and the list goes on.

He belongs to a group of painters, all top craftsmen, whom you come across and whose expanding body of work - increasingly filling the country - is worthy of close scrutiny.

It is difficult to think of another artist like David Gerstein, whose work in recent years has gained such prominence on the local scene. Some of his works have been chosen to appear on huge billboards, as human and aesthetic images that aim to catch the eye and engage the heart, and to promote companies like Isracard and the First International Bank.


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